Alexander Hawkins

Knight - Defender of the oppressed; slayer of monsters and evil


Alex is a tall, broad shouldered, athletic looking man. He wears plate armor, carries a shield, and a broadsword. He is a good spirited man, always willing to help people, and lend a hand in defeating a monster.


Alexander Hawkins comes from Winecrest, the largest city in the Southland of Aria. Alex’s father Lord Seldain Hawkins is the chairman of the Chamber of the Vine, a powerful network of nobles in Winecrest who run the city and the surrounding lands. Wine is the chief commodity of Winecrest.

The nobles own rich vineyards and export its wine to its largest customers in Eastport and Westport across the Inner Sea. Lord Seldain Hawkins owns the largest vineyard and is also leader of the Winecrest militia, called the Hawkguard, which serves to protect Winecrest from outside threats.

As a young boy Alex cared nothing for the vineyards. His true love was competition and battle. He enjoyed watching Sir Pequey, the knight appointed to train the militia. Sir Pequey soon took Alex under his wing as a squire and began to train him. Unlike Alex’s father, who never had time for him because of wine or official noble business, Sir Pequey soon became a mentor and father to him. Sir Pequey became the man Alex showed the most respect for. He taught Alex everything he knows about being the man he is today.

When Alex was not quite of age and still in his knighthood training, he overheard an argument Lord Hawkins had with a man named Brogan Pax. Pax, an aged man, but bearing the appearance of a rugged, experienced vetran, was the Lord Warden of a place called the Borderland Keep, which lies to the north of Winecrest near the Blacksteel Peaks in the dangerous wilderness known as the Borderlands.

In fact, the keep’s purpose was to protect all of the Southland from the threats of the Borderlands, which is what Pax was arguing with Lord Hawkins about. The keep was understaffed and underfunded and Pax was attempting to get Lord Hawkins, and Winecrest’s, financial support and recruit some able-bodied men for border patrols. He claimed that the gnoll tribes were growing in strength and numbers and they needed more men.

Lord Hawkins refused to provide any support from the Hawkguard, stating that his resources were already taxed in defense of Winecrest, but did agree to send criminals not wishing to serve time in the dungeons to Pax for his border patrol. Alex sensed this was not the true reason for his father’s reluctance to aid Pax, but he did not know why. What Alex did know is that he saw an opportunity for greatness at the Borderland Keep.

When Alex came of age, he did the unthinkable. He defied his father’s will and left Winecrest to serve at the Borderland Keep.

The Hawkins family history dates back hundreds of years. They were loyal to the Empire of Nerath up until it’s fall just over 100 years ago. Alex’s grandfather Thomas Hawkins served in the War of Ruin, which is the conflict that resulted in the fall of the empire.

The Hawkins family’s homeland has always been the Southland of Aria, but had lands and holdings on the continent of Karius, across the Sea of Isprea. The Hawkins family was forced to abandon its holdings on Karius when the empire fell.

Thomas formed the Hawkguard in an effort to maintain its knightly heritage and the principals of the empire in hopes that, one day, it may be re-established. In fact, it was Thomas’s fervent wish to find the true heir to the empire’s throne and aid him/her in reclaiming the Flame Imperishable; the symbol of the empire and a powerful artifact which was lost during the Magi Heresy, when the Soladrin Church destroyed the Conclave of Magi and took down the last emperor, Darian Everflame IV – last of the Everflame dynasty – and replaced him with a puppet emperor, whose weakness led to the War of Ruin and, eventually, the fall of the empire.

Sir John Pequey, served under Thomas Hawkins and was trained by him. He understood well and shared Thomas’s loyalty to the Everflame family and his desire to see them back in power. Alex’s father never shared this vision, wishing to further his own family’s fortune in the world of today rather than chasing the dreams of yesterday.

Alexander Hawkins

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