The Obsidian Spire


Date: 11/19/11
In Attendance: Drew, Josh, Jason, Chad

Summary: The heroes return to the refugee caves north of Greenvale with the injured Gregory Hawkins. His wife, Lira Mar, cares for him while the heroes rest. During the rest. Lira Mar reveals that the memories she retained from the shadow being that possessed her reveale that the ritual the gnolls were casting would suck the life force out of the gnolls, would destroy Dawnbringer (the weapon the heroes came here to obtain) and would cause havoc on the ley line network that holds the Southland together. When Gregory awakens, Alex catches him up on recent events. He gives Gregory the Scepter of the Flame and it bursts into arcane life when he holds it. He tells Alex that it told him that he was the heir to the Empire of Nerath and that he must seek out the Flame Imperishable in the Graven Monolith -Sola’s sacred birth place. The Lord Warden of Greenvale casts aside the scepter and insists that his priorities are to free Greenvale of the gnolls and then they can plan their next steps, apparenly more interested in bringing the Lord Commander to justice than in seeking some ancient symbol to a long lost empire.

The group goes to Greenvale and find the gnolls have deserted the town. Lira Mar takes them to the portal the gnolls used to raid the town and she opens it to allow the heroes to go after Dawnbringer. Gregory and Lira Mar stay behind to get Greenvale secured and to gather the surviving Hawkguard to plan an attack on the Lord Commander Hawkins in Winecrest.

The heroes arrive in the Borderlands and begin following the gnoll tracks. Along the way they find a scrawny gnoll named Lorat who they convince to guide them to Gnarmak’s lair. Lorat takes the group to the Bleeding Crevasse; a large canyon with a river of magma flowing through it. En route, they pass by large burning holes that Lorat says were created by Gnarmak. The holes erupt and demons flow from them, forcing he heroes to confront and destroy them.

The heroes reach and enter the canyon and find hundreds if not thousands,of dead gnolls throughout. Upon inspection it appears their life forces were sucked out. They continue on towards Gnarmak’s lair and are soon attacked by skeletal gnolls and hyena. Upon dispatching those, they continue on and find the area where Gnarmak’s throne rises from the canyon floor before a large ritual pit surrounded by dozens of gnolls. The heroes enter and attack, fighting the gnolls even as the ritual pit claims the weaker gnolls. Dawnbringer, hanging above the ritual pit, held fast by the arcane power of the pit, also appears to be losing power.

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The heroes face Gnarmak and his most powerful servants and the heroes are hard pressed to hold their own, but as the gnoll priest fights, his control of the forces within the pit wavers and when he is killed by the heroes, the ritual fails and a spectral claw emerges from the pit and claims Gnarmak and his remaining servants.

Now, with Dawnbringer in hand, all that remains is to find Satheras in the Keep on the Borderlands and use the weapon to destroy him before he opens the arcane vault.



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