The Obsidian Spire


In Attendance: Josh, Chad, Drew, Jason

Summary: The heroes find that the ritual that the gnolls had begun destabilized ley lines within the Bleeding Crevasse and the entire region was rocked by violent upheavals. They exited the area and after some difficulty in navigating the Borderlands, they make their way to the Keep to finally confront Satheras.

They opt to sneak in via the hidden passage they used to escape weeks earlier. Once inside, they fight a number of undead and make their way up to the main level, where they fight Keller’s Killers and oher undead.

Finally, Satheras reveals himself and offers to have the heroes help him end the threat of Necreus, but made it clear that he would replace the dark lord as the world’s ruler. Not finding that option appealing, the heroes attack. After a long and difficult battle, the heroes manage to destroy Satheras, thanks largely to his weakened condition brought about by the presence of Dawnbringer.

And so ends the threat of Satheras, one of Necreus’ Lords of Malice. With the Black Skull of Necreus within the Arcane Vault, and the heroes possessing the key to obtain it, they now hold a powerful weapon against Necreus. As the shade of the angel Raziel told them, the skull holds the key to Necreus’ escape from the Obsidian Spire and also his grip upon the mortal world. By destroying the skull, they greatly weaken the dark lord. But, the skull can only be destroyed within the fires of the Flame Imperishable, which has been lost. But the heroes also found a clue to it’s possible whereabouts; within the Graven Monolith – the place where Sola was born to the world.

The road before the heroes is fraught with perils. Do they go after the Flame Imperishable or do they return to Winecrest to join the Hawkguard in stopping the invasion and making the Lord Commander Hawkins pay for his treason?

The answer to that will have to wait until Season 2 begins.




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