The Three Realms

  • Creation: The central world of the three realms.
  • Feywild: Home of the Fey races.
  • Shadowfell: Home of the Shadar Kai and the Raven Queen. Known as the gateway to the afterlife.


The World is Flat: This is the most common belief, and most of the commonly used navigational maps depict the world as a flat disc. It is thought that if one were to travel too far to the edge of the world, one would go over the edge and end up in the Elemental Chaos.

Continent of Arctigus – Northern-most continent, legendary land of the 5 Kingdoms and legendary land of the giants & starting place of the campaign.

Continent of Aria – This is where the legendary War of Darkness started and ended. The home of Sola, the Soladrin Theopolis established in her honor and the place where the Dark Lord known as Necreus ruled the Army of Darkness from his Obsidian Spire. This continent is divided into four regions: The Forbbiden North, the Westland, the Eastland and the Southland.

Continent of Atraesia – Southern-most continent, legendary land of the dragons.

Continent of Isprea – Continent dominated by a gigantic volcano.

Continent of Karius – A land that was once the seat of power of the Kingdom of Nerath.

Continent of Theris East – Not much is known about this remote continent. Legends say that it was once the empire of the dragonborn known as Arkhosia. Legends also say that this land mass was once connected to it’s western twin, but was sundered during the Age of Empires and is now cursed. None who have traveled to this land have returned to tell about it.

Continent of Theris West – Other than the coastal cities, not much known about this continent. Legends place the fallen empire of Bael Turath here. It is said that the tieflings are responsible for unleashing the terrible power that sundered the continent of Theris into the two separate landmasses that exists today and that the terrible power that sundered the land holds it under a powerful curse to this day. None who have traveled to this land have returned to tell about it.

Continent of Vosh – An island continent just to the north of Karius

The Broken Straits – A chain of islands that lie between the continents of Aria and Karius.

The Frostmere – Northern-most ocean, located beyond the Snowcrown Mountains of Arctigus.

Deathcalm Sea – Just to the south of Arctigus.

The Azure Reach – Eastern ocean.

The Twisting Deep – This body of water separates the continents of Aria and Karius.

The Sundering Channel – This body of water separates Aria and Theris East.

The Open Reach – Western ocean.

Sea of Isprea – Located between the continents of Aria, Karius and Isprea.

The Isprean Current – The body of water that separates Isprea and Atraesia.

The Atraesian Depths – The body of water that separates Aria and Atraesia.


  • Firstmonth = January
  • Secondmonth = February
  • Thirdmonth = March
  • Fourthmonth = April
  • Fifthmonth = May
  • Sixthmonth = June
  • Seventhmonth = July
  • Eighthmonth = August
  • Ninthmonth = September
  • Tenthmonth = October
  • Eleventhmonth = November
  • Twelthmonth = December

Conclave of Magi Timeline of World History

Prehistory (estimation) ( BN = Before the founding of Nerath)

10,000 BN Birth of Creation / The Dawn War

5,000 BN End of the Dawn War, Beginning of the Entropy War

3,000 BN Age of the Scion

2,000 BN Age of Empires

1,000 BN Age of Darkness, Destruction of the land of Valossa; Broken Straits formed from remains

500 BN Elven Migration from Feywild to Creation

10 BN Awakening of Sola, Rise of Necreus and the Great World War of Darkness

1 BN The Army of Darkness is defeated at Rijum Pass, Necreus and Sola disappear.

Modern History (FN = Founding of Nerath)

0 – Founding of Empire of Nerath

5 FN – Construction of the Keep on the Borderlands is completed at the entrance to Rijum Pass in the Southland of Aria.

900 FN – Magi Heresy

1,000 FN – War of Ruin and the Fall of Nerath and beginning of a New Age of Darkness.

1,005 FN – The Keep on the Borderlands is abandoned due to lack of funding.

1,060 FN – The Keep on the Borderlands is reclaimed by the settlements of the Southland of Aria. Brogan Pax is the first Lord Warden.

1,000 FN – Brogan Pax retires as Lord Warden and builds the Crossroads Inn and Tavern. Tiefling Grafire is promoted to Lord Warden of the keep.

1,102 FN – Start of Obsidian Spire Campaign.


Most people believe in the Gods and the mythology of the Godwall, but organized religion has segmented since the Magi Heresy and the fall of the Empire of Nerath. The Soladrin Theopolis is still held in high regard as the religious center of the world, but its influence has also declined over the last century. Most organized religion now comes from individual priests who have developed a congregation in their village, completely independent from the Soladrin Theopolis. These congregations are usually dedicated to one or two of the Soladrin Gods, the ones that have the most impact on their day-to-day lives, but they recognize and venerate the entire pantheon. Some individuals or groups have dedicated themselves to the Gods associated with Evil, and are usually referred to as cults by the more mainstream congregations. Due to the Magi Heresy, most fervent believers have, at least, a strong distrust of wizards and warlocks, and at most, a fear and hatred of them. Most churches try to quell this distrust and fear, at least on the surface. Of all the churches, however, the church of Ioun is the most tolerant of magic users.


Most people understand that magic is a real force in the world. Even the smallest settlements generally have one or two people who have some minor magical skill. Practitioners of magic have tried very hard over the last 100 years to rebuild the respect and regain the trust of non-magic users, but many people still view wizards and others who dabble with the arcane arts as evil and potentially dangerous, thanks to the Magi Heresy. To make matters worse, most practitioners of magic have a strong distrust of religious groups and the priests that lead them. Wizards in particular tend to be aethist as well, not believing that there are omniscient beings responsible for the creation of the world, rather they believe that magic is the driving creative force in the Universe and what makes things work the way they do. Wizards acknowledge that there are powerful beings in the universe that may seem god-like, but believe that these are simply beings that have a superior mastery of the magical forces of the universe. Put a priest and a wizard in the same room together and there’s going to be more than a little tension. Most people in the world don’t differentiate magic-users from each other. A warlock may be referred to as a wizard, a bard as a sorcerer and any of them may be called mages or any variation of magic-using names.

The Underdark

During the Dawn War, the god Torog followed a powerful primordial deep into the bowels of Creation. Their battle carved great caverns and passages through the earth. At the end, Torog was able to best his adversary, but not before being cursed by the Primordial, who used its power to tear Torog’s divinity from the Astral Sea and link it to the Underdark they had created. Torog found that he was unable to leave the Underdark without losing his divine power. Broken and unable to heal his wounds, again due to the Primordial’s curse, the broken god resigned himself to making the Underdark his domain.

The Elemental Soup

When the GodWall was created, a portion of the Elemental Chaos was captured and contained within. Though separated from the Chaos, this region retains much of the Chaos’ qualities and features. Some of the indiginous life of the Chaos was also captured within, some of which resent being held prisoner within the confines of the GodWall and seek to break free.

The GodWall

When the gods came to this universe, they wanted to ensure that the threat of the Entropy that had destroyed so many of their worlds would not follow them here to do the same. Io sacrificed a great portion of his divine power to harden the boundaries of the universe into a wall that would be undetectable and impenetrable by the Entropy. This was the first GodWall and is sometimes referred to as the Outer GodWall. When the Dawn War threatened to destroy Creation, Io ordered Moradin to build a smaller GodWall to encompass the world against the Primordial threat. Pelor and Solara captured some of the fiery power of the Elemental Chaos and created a ball of flames, which they set into motion around Creation within the GodWall that Moradin was building. They called this the Sun. Simultaneously, the god Sehanine captured a white celestial body and set it into motion opposite to provide light in the dark of night. This was called the Moon. The completion of this Inner GodWall succeeded in protecting Creation from outside threats, but it also cut the world off from the divine. The Gods were no longer able to directly interact with their Creation. But through the GodWall, they could channel their power to those who venerated their creators. So it is written in the holy text of Sola.


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