The Obsidian Spire

The Lost Library

Date: 16th day of Fourthmonth, 1,102nd Year After the Founding of Nerath

The adventure begins with an encounter at the Keep on the Borderlands. While on guard duty on the keep’s wall, Alex and Rasper are confonted by two of Keller’s men; Ranik the half-orc chainfighter and Agris Ironforge, the dwarf slayer. The confrontation is witnessed by Solarus Aryn Jalavyr and she orders the four out to The Pit to settle their dispute. They trek out to The Pit behind the keep, a small arena used mostly for sparring and weapons practice, and prepare to begin when Keller unexpectedly shows up and demands to take Agris’ place. The Solarus allows this and Agris grudgingly leaves. Keller enters and the fight begins. It is not long before Rasper is taken out by Ranik, who then helps Keller against Alex. Alex gets a few good shots in but Keller cheats and takes Alex out of the fight. Despite the protests from Rasper and others, the Solarus calls he fight in favor of Keller and Ranik.

At that point, Lord Warden Grafire approaches The Pit and orders Keller to get his patrol group together for a mission. As they leave the area, the wizard Threnval approaches and asks Rolan and his group to undertake a mission for him. They gather in the courtyard of the keep and Threnval says that he needs them to check on a group of dwarf prospectors that went into Ryjum Pass to scout out a possible mithril mine, but have not checked in. He says that they have a very important dwarf among them, Drokan, a nephew of the High King of Hammer’s Hope, who is sponsoring the mine expedition.

The group leave immediately, take the ferry over to the Ryjum side of the keep’s defensive lake where they are joined by their drow ally Vaelek, and climb the tiered barrier to get into Ryjum Pass. They travel the day without difficulty, but upon reaching the dwarf camp, they find it destroyed, no sign of the dwarves and drakes scavenging the area. They dispatch the drakes, but find the waning hours of the day and the scent of blood drawing other drakes from the area, so they enter the mine to seek out the missing dwarves.

They follow the mine shaft to the end and find a tunnel going down with a ladder protruding from it and a diagrame of the caverns below. The group climb the ladder down and begin exploring the caves below when they are attacked by bats and a large, shadowy bat-like creature. They dispatch the beasts and continue exploring, when the find a dead dwarf in the underground river. They are then attacked by three carrion crawlers, who climb down from the cavern ceiling to make a meal of the bordermen.



The group kill the three creatures and their subsequent search of the area reveals their lair. They climb up to it and find dead dwarf and gnoll bodies. A search of the cavern reveals a battle took place, with dwarf and gnoll tracks and blood stains all around. A collapsed wall reveals a hidden chamber beyond the prospective mine and the light and sounds of gnoll barking within draws the bordermen to investigate.


Within the chamber, the bordermen find gnolls within a chamber that is cleverly trapped with poison darts shooting from the walls as they walk through.


They fight their way through the gnolls and find markings on the walls that reveal the tomb to be thousands of years old and belonging to an ancient necromancer that verneated beings representing Death. A set of double doors in the room are opened and another chamber is revealed, containing more gnolls, several caskets (including a large, golden one), a bookshelf and a glowing orb. Drokan the dwarf stands over the orb, staring into it with completely black eyes.


The gnoll leader orders his gnolls to attack. The battle is brutal and the group sends Vaelek into the chamber to attack the orb, believing it to have something to do with the dwarf’s possession. Vaelek strikes the orb and releases energy that attempts to assault him with psychic energy.


Meanwhile, the battle goes poorly for the bordermen and the dwarf warpriest Azrim falls to the gnoll leader, who kills him with a heavy flail to the skull. They continue fighting bravely, hoping to whittle the gnolls down while Vaelek works on the orb.


Vaelek strikes the orb again, and is again attacked, this time successfully, by the orb. The psychic attack is accompanied by a transfer of information to the drow and to the nearby possessed Drokan. The entity within the dwarf shouts out, “Finally, the information I sought is mine!” and then erupts from the dwarf’s form and escapes out of the dungeon.


The gnoll leader calls for a retreat with the entity that departed and though the bordermen attempted to stop it, the leader gets away.

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Keep on the Borderlands

Session Date: 03/20/2011
In Attendance: Robbb, Drew, Josh, Jason, Scott, Chad, Chris, Kyle

Date: 20th day of Thirdmonth, 1,102nd Year After the Founding of Nerath

The game began with a flashback over 1000 years in the past to the last days of the War of Darkness. The evil Necreus and his Army of Darkness awaits the assault of the Alliance of Light at Ryjum Pass. Ahead of the vile army stands the terrible Tarrasque, a gigantic monster awaiting its master’s orders to attack. Within the ranks of the Alliance are the Champions of the Flame, the Alliance’s greatest heroes. They watch helplessly as Necreus and the Lady Sola battle. The Lady fights valiantly, but ultimately falls to the Dark Lord’s power. He orders the Tarrasque to attack and disappears with the dying Sola. The Champions of the Flame attack the monster, intent upon at least slowing it down. But not long after the fight begins, a brilliant flash of light comes from the north, blinding all momentarily, triggering an earthquake that shakes the mountains. A great crevasse opens up beneath the Tarrasque, swallowing the beast, while a massive avalanche of rock comes tumbling down to choke the crevasse and crushing the Champions. But the heroes die knowing that Sola sacrificed herself to stop Necreus.

1000 years later, eight new recruits find themselves working at the under-staffed, under-manned and under-funded Keep on the Borderlands, which was built after the War of Darkness to watch for dangers from the Forbidden North. But after the fall of the Empire of Nerath, the keep was abandoned for decades until the settlements of the Southland reclaimed it to protect the settlements of the Southland from the growing threats of Ryjum Pass, the Blacksteel Peaks, and the Borderlands. Meant to staff up to 500, the keep now holds barely 50 bordermen. Each of the recruits have this strange dream, or perhaps a vision, of an ancient war and feel as though they actually played a part in it.

The characters are called into Lord Warden Grafire’s chambers, where he and his two advisors; Solarus Aryn and Threnval of the Autumn Wind await. The Lord Warden forms tem into a border patrol and gives their first assignment – to deliver a message to Brogan Pax at the Crossroads Tavern, two days travel from the keep.

Threnval speaks privately with the mage Rolen and asks him to search for whereabouts of the lost Conclave of Magi tower, which was said to have been destroyed at during the Magi Heresy.

The Lord Warden gives the sealed message to the knight, Alexander Hawkins to deliver to Pax and urges the group to make haste. The group hit the road as the weather turns bad. Late in the day, they come across wreckage in the road and all signs point to a wagon beseiged by gnolls. They follow the trail and catch up to the wagon under attack by a pack of hyena and two gnolls. A sole figure holds the pack at bay, defending the fallen wagon occupants and the little girl still in the wagon. The bordermen attack and manage to kill the hyenas and the two gnolls, but not before one warns that “Gnarmak will feast upon their innards.”


The heavily cloaked and covered individual seems protective of the girl and when her father is healed by the priest Azrim, he confirms the stranger to be an ally. The group continue on to the Crossroads and the following day arrive, finding the tavern to be damaged and undergoing repairs. The bordermen spot a halfling directing the repairs and approach him for the whereabouts of Brogan Pax. The halfling, named Maris, says Pax went to Winecrest to restock on his spirits and was due back days ago. He says the inn was attacked the day before by rogue elves and wolves. Some of the townsfolk said the elves were acting strangely and one said their eyes were completely black – a sign of possession from a malevolent entity. They also overhear a servant of the tavern telling Maris that Pax’s personal chambers were broken into during the attack and his chest was taken. The bordermen decide to follow the trail found by Rasper and Damocles and they head south towards Winecrest.

Not an hour later, they come across Pax’s wagon, overturned and several barrels broken lying upon the road along with elven corpses. Signs of battle indicate that Pax was attacked by elves and wolves and dragged into the wilderness. The dead elves had a skull symbol burned into the flesh, another sign of malevolent possession. They follow the trail into the wilderness and are attacked by elves and wolves at the edge of a copse of trees. The battle is short, elves and wolves are killed, and a search reveals the same skull symbol on the elves’ bodies.



They enter the woods and find Pax held captive by the rogue elves. They also find the source of the elves’ corruption – a tree possessed by a palpably malevolent entity. The elves attack with swords and arrows, while the tree reaches out with animated roots, branches and psychic energies. The bordermen manage to dispatch the elves and drive the entity from the tree. Within a hollow of the tree they find magical items.



Also within the hollow, a large open chest is found. A mess of documents are scattered around the hollow; the contents of the chest. As the bordermen gather the fragile documents to put back in Pax’s chest, they can’t help but notice that they are records from the Keep on the Borderlands and are very old, dating back nearly 600 years. Most of the pages are damaged by age and elements, but some of the writings seem oddly clear, as though somehow restored to its original quality. These pages are records of a prisoner at the keep – a dragonborn named Valthorn. Apparently, the dragonborn was once a paladin of Bahamut, but had gone bad and murdered his companions and numerous other innocents. Captured by the keep’s knights, Valthorn was sentenced to death and hanged at the keep. The records also mention that Valthorn carried upon his body a strange object – a black crystalline skull, which the keep’s Solarus declared to be vil and ordered it be destroyed. Nothing more is legible in the papers.

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