The Dread Emperor

Based on the quick glipse obtained by the heroes, the Dread Emperor is likely leading the invasion of the Southland and is probably on board the Black Pyramid floating above Winecrest.


Legends dating back to the first Dark Ages of Creation speak of the Dread Emperor; a wandering man in plate armor bearing no weapons but always accompanied by 4 young children who are chained to his armor. The Dread Emperor would show up in a realm and proclaim himself to be the Emperor of all he surveys. When opposed, he would unleash a terrible power while absorbing inhuman amounts of punishment, which seem to be inflicted upon the children instead of him. In the few tales that exist about the Dread Emperor, it always required the efforts of great heroes wielding great power themselves to drive him off. It is unknown if the Dread Emperor can even be killed.


The Dread Emperor

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