• Azrim


  • Brogan Pax

    Brogan Pax

    Rugged, aged frontiersman. Currently owner of the Crossroads Inn and Tavern, previous Lord Warden of the Keep on the Borderlands.
  • Damocles


    1/2 Elf/Sentinel Druid(Spring)/Leader
  • Dead: Drokan

    Dead: Drokan

    Dwarf cleric of Moradin, sent to Ryjum Pass to prospect for a mithril mine by the High King of Hammer's Hope.
  • Dead: Lord Warden Grafire

    Dead: Lord Warden Grafire

    Tiefling commander of the Keep on the Borderland's border patrols. No nonsense, direct and humorless.
  • Dead: Raziel

    Dead: Raziel

    The archangel that served the demi-goddess Sola during the War of Darkness.
  • Dead: Solarus Aryn Jalavyr

    Dead: Solarus Aryn Jalavyr

    Human Soladrin priestess and divine advisor to the Lord Warden of the Keep on the Borderlands. Small and lithe, yet large in attitude and ego.
  • Dead: Threnval of the Autumn Night

    Dead: Threnval of the Autumn Night

    Eladrin wizard and arcane advisor to the Lord Warden of the Keep on the Borderlands. Carries himself with an air of nobility without the pompous attitude.
  • Gnarmak


    Reputedly, a new gnoll warlord whose leadership is emboldening gnolls to become more aggressive.
  • Goran Vandemar

    Goran Vandemar

  • Kroll


    A shadow creature possessing various peoples in the Southland for reasons unknown. The entity's name was revealed by a gnoll priestess.
  • Lord Commander Seldain Hawkins

    Lord Commander Seldain Hawkins

    A wealthy noble and steadholder in the city of Winecrest, Lord Hawkins is the father of Alexander Hawkins. He is also leader of the Hawkguard, Winecrest's militia force, and chairman of the Chamber of the Vine, the ruling body of Winecrest.
  • Malek the Grey

    Malek the Grey

  • Maris


    Halfling manager of the Crossroads Tavern and Inn. Short tempered and impatient; unusual traits for a halfling.
  • Rasper


  • Sir John Pequey

    Sir John Pequey

    Commander of the Winecrest Hawkguard, trainer & father figure of Alexander Hawkins.
  • The Dread Emperor

    The Dread Emperor

    Based on the quick glipse obtained by the heroes, the Dread Emperor is likely leading the invasion of the Southland and is probably on board the Black Pyramid floating above Winecrest.