The Obsidian Spire

The Ritual

The heroes make their way though the Blacksteel Peaks on their way to Greenvale, when an earthquake similar to what they experienced at the Keep on the Borderland splits the group. Alex, Krim and Azrim find their way out of the mountains and encounter trolls harassing a strange green woman.


Upon defeating the trolls, they learn that the girl called herself Shallanthra and was sent here by the “earth mother” to repair a ley line node that threatens the ley line network of the Southland. She asks the heroes to accompany her to Greenvale where the node lies so that she may fulfill her destiny. The heroes agree and follow a river south towards Greenvale, where they encounter a group of people who say that Greenvale had been attacked by gnolls that appeared out of nowhere. The people escaped and now plan to take the river to Winecrest and safety, but the heroes tell them of the invasion of Winecrest and tell the people to find shelter with the elves of the Hedgewood instead.


The heroes travel towards Greenvale, but decide to head towards the caves where the people go in times of trouble and speak to the Lady Lira Mar, the Lord Warden’s wife. They find the caves and convince the guards to take them to Lira Mar. She meets the group and tells of the night time invasion of gnolls and the heroic actions of the Lord Warden that allowed the townsfolk to escape. The heroes listened intently, but when Shallanthra asked why they wee speaking to a shadow entity, they suspected that Lira Mar had been possessed by the same creatures they had encountered elswhere in the Southland. They confront her and she attacks them along with her eladrin handmaidens. The heroes manage to subdue her and when the shadow entity tries to escape, Azrim uses his divine powers to prevent it. From the creature they learn that the vampire lord Satheras sensed the presence of the one weapon that can harm him, the Dawnbringer, and so he sent his shadow servant to make a deal with the lord of the gnolls, Gnarmak, to destroy the weapon. Kroll, the shadow servant, made the deal then traveled to Greenvale, possessed Lira Mar and used her arcane knowledge to open a portal from the town to the Borderlands, which allowed the gnolls to invade without warning. Armed with this knowledge, the heroes decide to head into town and try to stop the gnolls and allow Shallanthra to repair the ley line node.


Upon arriving in town, they find Gregory Hawkins crucified and nearly dead. They save him and as Shallanthra begins to repair the node, the gnolls attack, hidden from the surrounding builings. As the heroes face the gnolls, a tremor rips through the town and a swarm of demons emerge from a rift and attack. As they face the gnolls and demons, a winged gnoll flies in and joins the battle. The heroes fight bravely and manage to kill or drive off the creatures, which gives Shallanthra the time to repair the node. They then decide to withdraw and recouperate before returning to finish their work.




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