The Obsidian Spire

The Eternal Champions

Date of Session: 08/06/11
In Attendance: Chad, Scott, Jason, Josh, Drew
Session Summary: When the heroes awaken, they find themselves possessing bodies other than their own. They are standing in the courtyard of the Keep on the Borderlands, but the keep is newly built and the courtyard is full of warriors. A woman addresses the crowd and they learn that it is the legendary Sola, savior of Creation. She tells the crowd that the forces of Necreus march through Ryjum Pass towards them and they will meet his army there to stop it once and for all. She creates the Flame Imperishable by filling a golden brazier, fills it with her blood and ignites it with a ray from the rising sun. She tells the crowd that, with this symbol of freedom, the Alliance of Light will prevail.

After addressing the crowd, the heroes are taken into the keep and Sola addresses them alone. She tells them that they have been chosen to be her Eternal Champions, to fight Lord Necreus now and, if need be, through ages to come until such time as he is destroyed. As Sola speaks verbally to them, she psychically tells them that they were killed in the future and her gift of the Eternal Champions allowed their spirits to inhabit their original incarnations. She says that once they die in this time, their spirits will return to the future.

She tells the group that the Alliance of Light cannot stand against Necreus and that she will need to face him in combat. But even she cannot defeat him, but she can take the source of his power from him, what she refers to as the Vile Reliquary – the receptical of his entropic essence. She plans to face him in combat and learn where he keeps the reliquary and then deliver it to the Eternal Champions so that they may immerse it within the Flame Imperishable and destroy it. Doing so will trap Necreus within his Obsidian Spire and make him vulnerable. Only then can he be killed for good.

Attack of the giants

The Alliance of Light marches into Ryjum Pass and find the Army of Darkness marching towards them, outnumbering by 10 to 1. Kings Everflame and Markelhay order the Eternal Champions to take out the giants and titans to bolster the morale of the alliance.

Oh crap

After dispatching the giants Necreus arrives on the battlefield and begins to reap great destruction upon the alliance.

Necreus appears

Then Sola appears and challenges the Dark Lord to combat. The two face off, and though Sola fights bravely, she is clearly out matched by the Dark Lord. Necreus orders the Army of Darkness to destroy the Alliance of Light and then disappears with Sola. The dark forces surge forward and the alliance is hard pressed to hold them back. Then the earth rumbles and from behind the Alliance erupts from the earth an enormous monster…the legenday Tarrasque! The kings order the Eternal Champions to hold the monster until the Flame Imperishable can be positioned to attack it.

Tarrasque eats alex

The Eternal Champions manage to keep the Tarrasque occupied and their allies use the Flame Imperishable to collapse the towering cliffs to choke off the exit to Ryjum Pass and to bury the Tarrasque and the Eternal Warriors beneath tons of rock and earth.


The heroes awaken to find themselves bakc in their future bodies within a dark cavern. They climb out to find that they are in a dragon’s lair. The dragon, who calls herself Pyros, taunts them for a time and then attacks. The Eternal Champions fight bravely and kill the dragon, but realize that the cave belongs to a much larger dragon and decide to leave quickly.

They find tha they are in the mountains north of Greenvale and begin to make their way to that town.



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