The Obsidian Spire

Seeking the Scepter

IN ATTENDANCE: Drew, Josh, Scott, Jason, Chad

The heroes exit the sewers and take on shadar-kai that are rounding up men and putting them in a caged carriage pulled by an ogre. They distract the ogre and shadar-kai as Krim frees the prisoners and a former…acquainence of his that was in the cage (a rogue that calls herself the Black Cat) takes them into the sewers. The party manages to kill the ogre and shadar-kai and then head into the Chamber of the Vine building.

Shadar kai in winecrest

Alley fight

Inside the building, they fight the former Lord Warden Grafire and more shadar-kai. After killing them, they go into the 2nd floor council chambers and find the Lord Commander Hawkins, a shadar-kai witch, a gnoll shaman, and one of the Lord Commander’s sons, transformed into a mindless chaos warrior. All have their attention on a glowing orb in the center of the room and within the orb is the image of an armored man with four children chained to his armor (Rolan remembers a legend of one resembling such a description that called himself the Dread Emperor). The image commands Hawkins to dispatch the intruders and then the image fades.

Fight in the chamber building

The Lord Commander tells Alex that it is futile to stand against the coming threat of Necreus and the only way to protect the legacy of the Hawkins family is to join the Dark Lord. Alex once again defies his father and the Lord Commander tells his new allies to kill Alex and his allies.

Betrayed by daddy

As the fight begins, the Lord Commander departs and exits the building.

Lord commander exits

The heroes kill the witch and shaman, but knock Alex’s brother unconscious in hopes of finding a way to reverse the transformation. They search the building and find the Justicar’s vault that holds the Scepter of the Flame within. The iron golem guard obeys Alex’s commands and guards the building as they open the vault and remove the scepter. They also find, within the jail cells, the unconscious and beaten form of Solarus Jalyvar. Whenthey revive her she tells them that the Lord Commander had accused her of treason without leveling any charges and threw her in the jail (after inflicting most of her bruises himself).

Rolan   azrim vs gnoll hyenas

Before the group can rest, they are alerted by the golem of a danger. They step outside to find the black pyramid floating over the building. A flash of dark light erupts from the bottom of the pyramid AND THEN ALL GOES BLACK



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