The Obsidian Spire


When: Nearly 6 months ago
Where: The isle of Minos in the Serpent’s Teeth isles in the Twisting Deep Ocean

The Nightreaper flies towards the Serpent’s Teeth, driven on by the will of its master, Necreus. It’s form is fluid as it streaks across the night sky, passing a ship and spawning horrific nightmares with the slumbering crew below. The creature spots the island in the distance, the still smoldering remains of the recently destroyed lighthouse drawing it as surely as if it were a beacon of light. The lighthouse was built by the traitor N’Tal, who sought to undermine the Master’s plans by building a beacon to call forth the Star Spawn, and more specifically, the godlike entity of entropy known as Atropus. The Master had learned of N’Tal’s treachery and manipulated a group of heroes from Freeport into confronting N’Tal in his beacon and allowing Necreus’ agent, the Traveler, to enter and destroy the lighthouse. The Master dispatched the Nightreaper the moment the Dark Beacon’s call was silenced and tasked his loyal servant with this very important mission.

The lights of Freeport reflected off of the black waters as the Nightreaper soared above the pirate haven, again sparking unsettling dreams with the town’s citizens. The reaper circles its destination cautiously, searching the isle of Minos for any lingering energies from the Dark Beacon that may be harmful to it, or from the newly restored Tower Arcanis, which has been brought back from the limbo into which it had been dispatched during the Magi Heresy. Satisfied that there was no immediate threat, the Nightreaper proceeds to the island.

The bulk of the lighthouse was destroyed when the Traveler completed a ritual that channeled the power of Necreus through him and caused an explosion so powerful that the tower’s top half was completely destroyed and the remainder of the structure crumbled down and into the ocean. Rubble was strewn across the island and the tower’s base still smoldered with the arcane energies employed in it’s destruction. The Nightreaper floats almost etherically across the surface of the island, it’s black robes fluttering in the sea breeze blowing in from the Twisting Deep. It scans the rubble with it’s dark eyes hidden within it’s cowl, seeking the prize his Master sent it to recover. For hours it searches tirelessly, methodically, when it spots something unusual within a particularly dense pile of rubble; sparkling motes of light, not unlike starlight, coming from the darkness. The Nightreaper approaches the mound of stone and effortlessly removes tons of rubble with a wave of its scythe. There, beneath the pile, the sword called Blackrazor juts up from the earth, impaled like a splinter within the skin of the isle. The sword’s metallic surface black as the void and within that void, sparks of starlight glimmer.

If the Nightreaper were capable of smiling, it supposed it would be now, as it reaches down and grasps the sword by it’s black hilt. The sentience of the blade immediately reaches out and attempts to overwhelm the Nightreaper’s will, as it had it’s last wielder, N’Tal, and it screams out in anger as it is unable to find the creature’s mind. The Master’s voice then emanates from the reaper; “Waste not your energies upon my servant, sword, for it has no will of it’s own, and your power is insufficient to challenge me. You were called from the Black Well by the Dark Beacon to serve it against me, but the orb is now but dust and you find yourself without a master. Know this, sword; I am your Master now. Serve me and the souls of thousands will by yours to feast upon. Defy me and you will find the bottom of a volcano to be a very lonely place indeed.”

Blackrazor raged at the insolence of Necreus, believing itself to be superior to the Entropy Lord, but it quickly realizes that the words were spoken true and that it has no power over this being. Reluctantly, it submits itself to the service of Necreus.

“Good…good…we have much work to do, you and I. But first, we must find you a new vessel. Return the blade to me, Nightreaper, I have just the right vessel in mind…”

The Nightreaper envelops the black blade within it’s black robes and takes one last look around the island. Then it rises up silently into the night sky.



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